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Stay in the Know... You Know?

Stop Comparing Your Progress to Others


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At times, we are our own worst enemy. We self sabotage our success well in advance of any tangible rewards. The meteoric rise in social media has...

Sports Psychology - Tip No. 1: Focused Engagement


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A present athlete, will always win the day. All preparation is for naught when your focus is scattered. Being in the moment on the pisté is central to...

How Tournaments Work: 

Tournaments 101


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Tournaments pretty much follow the same format. Preliminary bouts; Direct Elimination and Final Four Tableau - Semi-Finals and Finals. This


Age Categories and Event Classifications


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This category  includes athletes, 14 years old or under (U14).  The sub-categories are Youth 10 (Y10), Youth 12 (Y12), and Youth 14 (Y14).  Eligibility for the season is...

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