The Bronzeville Fencing Academy promotes and teaches the Olympic sport of fencing to students of all ages and skill levels. The Academy is a non-profit fencing club with all membership proceeds benefiting programs designed for the underprivileged and underserved urban youth in the Black Metropolis District – Bronzeville area. 

As a professional athletic organization, the Academy offers affordable memberships with instruction for youth and adults of all skill levels. We also conduct and offer fencing clinics for advanced competitive fencers.  We offer discounts on membership packages and Academy designated competition gear is available to all advanced competitive member fencers.

The Academy will host local, regional and ultimately, future development of national level tournaments in the sport of Fencing. All are sanctioned by the national governing body of fencing, the United States Fencing Association (USFA) and Illinois Division of the USFA.  The tournaments will operate under the USFA’s Safe Sport policy. 


This holistic program cultivates the development of the student-athlete and provides instruction in all three weapons; Foil, Epee and Saber at all three levels; Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.  The focus promotes athletic prowess and good citizenship in a fun and safe environment.  The participants enjoy a positive and fun class atmosphere where through expert instruction, they are afforded the opportunity to grow and learn the sport of Fencing at their own pace.  Classes include games, exercises, skill-building, and bouting.

Intermediate and advanced classes provide opportunities for students interested in competitive level fencing at the local and national level. The instruction includes advanced level footwork and blade work, as well as individual lessons.  The physical fitness component will incorporate more advanced level plyometric and isometric conditioning and coordination exercises and advanced level technical, tactical, and mental training. 

The Academy provides practice equipment (jackets, masks, gloves, and weapons).


Much like the youth program, the sport of Fencing promotes beginning, intermediate and advanced forms of calisthenics, isometric muscle workouts, body balancing and coordination exercises.  It is an excellent form of physical fitness and most importantly, it’s fun. The Academy provides a safe environment to learn what the sport is all about.  


Wheelchair fencing allows physically disabled persons the opportunity to compete at the highest level of their ability in the sport of Fencing.  Athletes wear the same attire and use the same weapons as able-bodied fencers however they sit in fixed chairs that are attached to metal frames during competition and operate their weapons in a fashion to score against the opponent.

The Academy’s employs the same instruction provided to able-bodied athletes and modifies the instruction according to the nature of the disability.


Annually, the Academy will offer three clinics during the season that cover the primary phases of each stage during the fencing season.

  • Pre-Conditioning.  This is the preparatory stage of fencing; physical, nutritional and mental conditioning so that the athlete can start the season on the right footing.  The instruction includes footwork and blade work, as well as individual lessons.
  • Pre-competitive.  This is the preparatory stage of competition. In addition to the pre-conditioning instruction, it includes specific movement skills but most importantly, endurance skills for fencing. The exercises will focus on the technical, tactical, and mental training. 
  • Summer Nationals.  In addition to the instruction provided in both pre-condition and competitive clinics for fencers who have qualified for the last domestic and national level tournament of the season, this clinic addresses the high-intensity and endurance needed to compete fully during this tournament. The clinic will mimic the format at the Summer Nationals to help those competing, reach the ultimate level of individual and/or team achievement.


  • Learn to Fence: Intro to Fencing.  This class teaches participants the basics of the sport of fencing; a brief history of the sport, basic  rules and safety practices. Classes include games, exercises, skill-building and bouting.  Class sessions meet twice a week for ten-10 weeks.
  • Skill-Building: Recreational Fencing.  This class builds upon the knowledge acquired in the introductory class. The instruction includes advanced level footwork and blade work, as well as individual lessons. The physical fitness component will incorporate higher level plyometric and isometric conditioning and coordination exercises with progressively more technical, tactical and mental training.  Class sessions meet twice a week for ten-10 weeks.
  • Competitive Class: Preparing for Competition.  This class is by invitation only. It involves the preparatory and pre-competitive stages of fencing; physical, nutritional and mental conditioning. It also includes instruction on footwork, blade work, specific movement skills but most importantly, endurance skills for fencing. The exercises will focus on the more elite-level technical, tactical and mental training, as well as individual lessons.  Class sessions TBD.
  • Participants are required to wear gym clothes, e.g. sweat/jogging pants, t-shirts and sneakers.
  • Participants are required to follow the Academy’s Code of Conduct and safety policies at all times.
  • Registration fees are due prior to the beginning of each ten-10 week session.  Registrations are considered pending until all fees are paid in full.  
  • The Academy offers discount packages for multiple enrollments.  
  • We are a 501(c)(3) organization whose efforts are solely directed toward advocating on behalf of youth in underserved communities.  Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
  • For any questions or to learn more about the enrollment process, please e-mail us at information@bfafencing.org.