Welcome and thank you for your interest in joining the Bronzeville Fencing Academy!

Mettle Fitness, LLC

Chicago Park District

  • Our partnerships offer scholarships to qualified youth to receive instruction and skill development in the Olympic sport of Fencing. This grant of financial aid does not need to be repaid and all classes are held at our partner sites.

  • The primary objective of these partnerships are to make fencing an everyday life activity of young people in the Bronzeville community.

  • Classes are in ten-10 week sessions and meet twice a week on Monday and Friday, late-afternoon.

  • No prior experience needed and the Academy provides equipment.

  • Pre-registration is required.

  • Participants are admitted to the program on a first-come, first serve basis pending verification of eligibility.

  • Once the program has reached capacity, the Academy will only re-open enrollment on a wait-list basis. The Academy will notify wait-listed applicants if slots become available prior to the program start date.

Program Details

  • Learn to Fence: Intro to Fencing. This class teaches participants the basics of the sport of fencing; a brief history of the sport, basic rules and safety practices. Classes include games, exercises, skill-building and bouting. Class sessions meet twice a week for ten-10 weeks.

  • Skill-Building: Recreational Fencing. This class builds upon the knowledge acquired in the introductory class. The instruction includes advanced level footwork and blade work, as well as individual lessons. The physical fitness component will incorporate higher level plyometric and isometric conditioning and coordination exercises with progressively more technical, tactical and mental training. Class sessions meet twice a week for ten-10 weeks.

  • Competitive Class: Preparing for Competition. This class is by invitation only. It involves the preparatory and pre-competitive stages of fencing; physical, nutritional and mental conditioning. It also includes instruction on footwork, blade work, specific movement skills but most importantly, endurance skills for fencing. The exercises will focus on the more elite-level technical, tactical and mental training, as well as individual lessons. Class sessions TBD.

  • Participants are required to wear gym clothes, e.g. sweat/jogging pants, t-shirts and sneakers.

  • Participants are required to follow the Academy‚Äôs Code of Conduct and safety policies at all times.

For any questions or to learn more about the enrollment process, please e-mail us at