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summer nationals

2023 National Championships & July Challenge (Summer Nationals)

6/15/23 | Academy WebDruid

Summer Nationals is just 15 days away and the Academy is taking thirteen (13) youth to Phoenix, Arizona!  These student-athletes have worked tirelessly to improve and we're excited to be joining them for the last domestic-side event of the season, and the world's largest fencing tournament. 

Some of our student-athletes have been with the Academy since six (6) years of age and grown to be some of the more skilled teen fencers in the program.  But many more, are relatively new to the sport of Fencing, and we are equally proud of their growth.  The Academy works to engage its students from a very holistic aspect.  We are interested in producing not just an athlete but an authentic human experience; encouraging development in moral character, self-discipline, mental agility, and their own signature style; technique and tactics. 

The wellness of our students’ mind, body and soul is of the utmost importance.  

This will be the first National, high-level fencing tournament that many of our students have competed in.  It will likely be very overwhelming and navigating the whole experience will be challenging for a newbie.  From learning what preparations and tasks must be completed pre-competition, to the size of the venue -- imagine sixty (60+) pistes in one convention hall: thousands of athletes from all over the world, guests, vendors, and officials.  Additionally, delays are inevitable with a tournament of this scale so managing the anxiety from the wait will be a testament to the athlete’s discipline. 

It is recommended to alleviate some of the stress associated with attending such a huge tournament, that student-athletes arrive a few days in advance of their first competition.  It helps to acclimate the athlete to the sights and sounds in the venue.  Pre-competition tasks include, equipment checks and repairs, athletes must have their last name stenciled on the white uniform, and locating strip assignments which are generally posted the night before check-in. Getting these tasks completed prior to competition day will help mitigate the delays often associated with tournaments of this size.

While the atmosphere is very competitive and stressful, fencers and family can also use this outing as a mini vacation as the venue and location of Summer Nationals, changes every year.  So, to let off a little steam while in Phoenix, the student-athletes can visit the Grand Canyon, Camelback Mountain, Papago Park, South Mountain Park and Preserve, the Musical Instrument Museum, Desert Botanical Garden, Tours of Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright's winter home, the Phoenix Zoo, Heard Museum, and the Phoenix Art Museum, are just a few of the wonderful attractions in Phoenix. 

This fencing season has been filled with advancement, expansion, and many milestones in Academy programming.  Our stakeholders have been fully engaged in promoting the Academy’s mission and values to the broader community.  They wholly reflect the diversity and priorities of the Academy and we are incredibly thankful to our many families for their support and encouragement in maintaining Academy programming in the community. We hope that your excitement for the sport of Fencing continues to grow!

Meet our Athletes!

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