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Auset Muhammad

A former member of the nationally ranked #10 Temple Lady Owls foil squad and a competitive member of the United States Fencing Association currently holding classifications in two weapons (post- collegiate ranking), Foil D2021 and Saber E2018. During her tenure with the Lady Owls, she ended her Senior season and Temple career with an impressive overall record of 186-129 which included a 41-33 mark in her final season...Represented the Owls at the NCAA Mid- Atlantic/South Regional for a third year in a row, placing 19th...Leading the foil squad at the Northwestern Duals, posting a two-day record of 17-9 going 2-0 vs. Stanford, 2-1 vs. Duke and 2-1 vs. UNC...Commenced the dual meet season with a 5-2 mark at the Sacred Heart Invitational, and went 4-1 later in the season at the NJIT Invitational...In her final meet of the season and Senior Day at the Temple Invitational, posted 5-5 overall including a 2-0 mark against #9 Penn...Helping the 7th ranked (season standing) Temple Owls to a 23rd-straight team title at the NIWFA Championships and foil title.

While life for a Division-1 athlete was a balancing act; ensuring that all class and homework was completed, study time, attending team meetings, traveling cross-country weekly to competitions and tournaments, training and practice, five or more hours a day, Auset also volunteered with community-based organizations around Philadelphia and enjoyed teaching her classically trained, Jazz-vocalist brother, the fine art of fencing.

After a two-year hiatus, Coach Auset has returned to action with a renewed spirit of competition; training for the Games of the XXXIV Olympiad - 2028 Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles and whose primary objective is to make fencing an everyday life activity for youth in the community.

"One should always focus on the future. Time is never ending and never stops. The experiences of the past are not indicators of the future. The past influences the present so that the future may evolve into something better."

You're only as strong as how far you push yourself. The farther you push yourself, the stronger you become. It doesn't only apply to your physicality, it applies to your mentality, spirituality and ever aspect of your life.

1ST Place

Have passion and pride in everything that you do. Your passion is a reflection of your intent and commitment to your goals. Pride accompanies passion as an affirmation or positive indicator to yourself.

4th place

Contrary to common belief, fencing is a team sport. It would be a form of disrespect to your coaches, support system, referee staff, fellow fencers, yourself and future generations that come after you. Granted at the end of the day, you're the only one on the strip but so much time, effort, support, and adversity transpired for you to get to that point. To simply claim it as your own individual hard work would be your own false sense of reality and disservice to upcoming generations of fencers.

2nd place

Never measure yourself up to others. Your journey through life is your own and should never be determined by others. Don't be afraid to own it! Every success, failure, challenge and achievement that you come across in life only prepares you for your future.

3rd place

the future is now 

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