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Focus  or Fold


The Academy is a 501(c)(3) organization whose efforts are solely directed toward advocating on behalf of youth in underserved communities. The Academy stresses not only athletic excellence but most importantly...


The Academy is pursuing an evolved strategic direction that is rooted in the belief that preparing all youth for an extended and excellent quality of life is possible within our lifetime. We firmly believe that:


Fueled by his own experiences as a parent and the lack of representation and support for student-athletes from underprivileged and underserved communities, Coach Muhammad's desire was amplified to...

The Academy's holistic approach and application of the principals of success cannot be ignored. We are honored to be a resource in our student’s success stories and a contributor to community wellbeing. 


Focus or Fold is leaving everything at the door. Once you step into practice the only thing on your mind is fencing. Focus or Fold is having the fortitude to complete practice at 120% regardless of the physical pain and mental exhaustion. Fencing isn't just a way to maintain focus, it's a method for escaping to a reality where you truly have complete control.


The Academy program contributes to the personal growth of our youth through the development of character-building exercises and tools that promote self-respect, academic excellence and positive social skills and behaviors. The Academy wholly believes in maximizing the inherent abilities of the youth to be their authentic selves. And along the way, they manage to find kindred spirits.


The Academy’s community of stake holders are invested in creating a purpose built dynamic that fully recognizes the dormant talent and gifts of the youth in the community. We believe in creating a safe space that recognizes the learning experience of each youth thereby allowing them to  grow into the fullness of their character. 


Our core values and beliefs nurture social, emotional and leadership intelligence while cultivating skills lying dormant in our youth.  Through the Academy program, we can help the students within the community break the cycle of dysfunction.

The foil is used as a thrusting or pointing weapon. The target area includes the torso and the bib of the mask and the groin area. Foil scoring is dictated by the rules of priority, also known as right to score.


The sabre weapon is used as a thrusting or cutting with the cutting edge and the back of the blade. The target area is the entire torso above the waist, the head, and the arms up to the wrist. As with Foil, Sabre scoring is dictated by the rules of priority, also known as right to score.


The épée is similar to a foil as a thrusting or pointing weapon. As the entire body is valid target area, there is no off-target touch and, no rules of priority.


Weapons We Train


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