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Out of School Time (OST)

The Academy's collaborations with local public and private schools, and statewide social service agencies, are specifically designed to motivate and support academic achievement and success in alternative sports disciplines, promoting a viable pathway to secondary and post-secondary education.

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Tutoring session are 1.5 hours in length and tutors provide individualized assistance with review and reinforcement of STEM fundamentals, homework completion, critical thinking exercises and character-building collaborative drills with cross-functional capacities.

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Mentors enhance the student’s ability to use principled disciplines to understand and develop solutions to a diverse range of problems, and the ability to process and manage multiple sources of information.  These interactions improve attentiveness and fosters an ability to successfully work independently.

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Provides our youth with the social and emotional learning fostering individual development through various activities. The focus promotes athletic prowess and good citizenship in a fun and safe environment.

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Since the Academy’s founding, it has served children who struggle with chronic disenfranchisement.  Our programs, aimed at keeping kids safe and educated, and strengthening communities, include academic enrichment, tutoring assistance, mentorship, STEM, and alternative athletic programs.

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These clinics teach an understanding of the responsibilities and duties of a referee in the sport of Fencing. The instructor will help perfect your sense of priority (right of way), timing, and assessment of the penalties. This is the first step in becoming a certified USA Fencing referee.

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STEM Education will combine the curriculum of Woz ED with Academy ideals, such as discipline, leadership, and good citizenship. The program aims to produce youth who s become assets and not liabilities to their communities. The Academy expects students to acquire the understanding as part of their experience in the program, logical and natural consequences; facilitating growth in the areas of discipline, commitment, structure, accountability and modeling appropriate behavior and actions in all phases of their lives.



The physical fitness component incorporates advanced level plyometric and isometric conditioning and coordination exercises with advanced level technical, tactical, and mental training.

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Camps provide participants with an introduction and/or reinforcement of the basics in the Olympic sport of fencing; a brief history of the sport and rules and safety practices. It will challenge both body and mind, while encouraging a competitive spirit, discipline and good sportsmanship.

Camp will include Fencing Basics; Games; Footwork and Bouting. [Continue]

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