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Stop Comparing Your Progress to Others

Stop Comparing Your Progress to Others

9/2/21 | Academy WebDruid

At times, we are our own worst enemy. We self sabotage our success well in advance of any tangible rewards. The meteoric rise in social media has contributed to the demise, where distortion of reality is at an all-time high.

Fencing can be a very solitary sport. At the end of the day, you alone are on the pisté and must self-motivate, and out strategize your opponent. You must successfully quell the doubt and feelings of inadequacy to prevail.

Reasons for Competing.
Ask yourself this. If the sole response is just so you can win a medal or earn points, then perhaps you should take a step back and rethink your motivation. Don’t get me wrong, competing to win is quite natural, but it should not be the sole reason. Fencing should bring you joy. The dopamine effect after donning the mask places you in a heightened sense of awareness and excitement. Doing something you love should always produce this feeling.

Be Present
Accept where you may be in this present space. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced fencer. There is always someone better than you. Ask an Olympian! Being present in the here and now, allows for growth. When you are focused in the moment you are better able to discern warped perception from purposeful movement and response. Growth and development in this sport is dictated by your curiosity. Be curious, Ask questions. This can be difficult sport to fully understand so (Charles quote). Tournaments can be great opportunities to meet other fencers from other regions of the world. Don’t be shy. Find other fencers and introduce yourself; find out their origin story and share yours. Your village at least a good one, will and should include others from outside your local club.

Be Inspired.
It’s ok to draw inspiration from others. We all marvel at the skillful strategies and tactical movements of our fencing heroes. The seemingly gravity defying flèche or impossible riposte. While emulation is normal don’t drown out your personal style. Draw the most inspiration from the athlete within you. You are enough. Create the athlete and the fencer will gladly step to the table. Self motivation is key to your development. Create your own routine so that it becomes a successful habit. Keep like-minded, positive people in your space. When you fail, and you will fail. Positive spaces will encourage you to keep going. Remember, haters come in all forms. Your success is a constant reminder of their failures so it is important that the village you acquire as you travel this road, is invested in your success.

Observation and Thoughts.
Taylor this sport to fit your needs in the present time. Accept that your growth will look different from other fencers and that’s ok, as we all move at different paces. Create your own routines that help facilitate mental toughness. Know that some days are more successful than others and that in the beginning you will lose more than you win. Show commitment and dedication to the process, even when you don’t feel up to the task. Outwork everybody. But most importantly, have fun!

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